About Us

Walnut Hill Woodworks is located in the rolling hills of Middle Tennessee atop a hill with a stand of mature Black Walnut trees. Each fall the ground is literally covered with the yellow green hulls that contain those wonderfully delicious nuts that are sought after by bakers and wildlife alike. The wood from the Walnut tree is equally sought after by woodworkers for the deep rich colors that come from the heartwood of the tree.

At Walnut Hill Woodworks we have the added advantage of operating a saw-milling business. Our mill utilizes narrow kerf band saw technology that yields the most lumber from each log, which produces less waste. The mill complements Walnut Hill Woodworks by enabling us to select high quality lumber, which is one of the basics in making high quality products from wood. Although not all the wood we use comes from our mill, we still hand select each piece of lumber that goes into each of our pieces. It must meet a standard of strength and beauty that will ensure it to be able to stand up to the test of time, in other words, we build heirlooms.

The skills used at Walnut Hill were developed from the craft of traditional woodworking where the emphasis is on hand work, with hand tools. Over the years we have incorporated proven modern woodworking techniques. While there is a place for machine work, we still hold to the belief that in order to build a heirloom quality piece of woodwork, there will always be the need to have that hands on touch, that only a tool in the hand of a craftsman can provide.